The Space Within: Urban Habitat at Height

James Parakh
Urban Design Manager
City of Toronto Planning Division, Toronto

The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee has previously explored how tall building environments become successful places based on their walkability, their related public realm and open spaces which supports them. After the completion of its first technical guide (The Space Between), the Committee is now beginning its second collaboration with CTBUH HQ to produce The Space Within, which focuses on communal spaces at height.

This presentation relays the findings of the CTBUH 2017 Global Walking Tour (#CTBUHwalks), which visited a variety of communal spaces within tall buildings. Case studies include polycentric buildings visited on six continents, from Singapore’s Oasia Hotel Downtown, to the Shanghai Tower, to the Bow in Calgary, Canada. These case studies are augmented by the polycentric buildings and interior spaces visited during the 2018 #CTBUHwalks global walking tour, titled “Walking on Water”. Future tall buildings will rely upon having multiple spaces in which urban habitat and collaboration can occur. This Polycentric Building presentation demonstrates the importance of thinking about the polycentric spaces within tall buildings.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation