An Innovative Prefabricated Steel Structure System

De Ming (Derry) Yu
Project Director
New World China Land Limited, Hong Kong

Accompanying the mass production of steel and rapid development of fabrication technology during the past decade, the application of steel structures has become more popular and competitive, especially for tall buildings with mixed-use functions. The major sitework for steel structures consists of connecting together different prefabricated steel members, such as columns, beams and braces, by way of connection joints, to form an integrated structure. Joint connections for current steel structures are usually made either by welds or bolts; however, both methods are time-consuming and require highly precise fabrication and installation. Quality could be affected by site conditions, and remediation work is often required.

This presentation introduces a proposed Innovative Prefabricated Steel Structure System, which could resolve the above problems by adopting a “no-bolt, no-weld” connection joint. The concept was inspired by the tenon-mortise joint of traditional timber structure in China. This new structural system could realize not only simplified and standardized fabrication of steel members and connections in the factory, but also facilitate rapid onsite installation with better reliability and quality. It would significantly reduce the time and labor for fabrication and installation, thus reducing construction cost. This innovative structural system is expected to change the whole fabrication and construction process for tall buildings. The constructability, structural capacity, seismic performance and reliability of the proposed prefabricated steel structure system under various vertical and horizontal loadings has been verified by conducting several laboratory tests and constructing a true-scale mock-up test.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation