The Next Step in Tall Timber USA - The TMBR Minneapolis Condo Project

Barry Lewis
Managing Director
ALEC, Dubai

The Tall Timber movement in the United States has made significant progress in recent years with the adoption of new IBC code limits for high-rise mass-timber construction. This landmark event has sparked considerable development of new sustainable timber buildings seeking early adoption of future code limits. The TMBR Minneapolis Condo project is an 11-story mass-timber building, set to become the next tall mass-timber building in the United States by meeting and exceeding the requirements of the 2021 IBC. The high-performance criteria set for this condominium project will be achieved with technical solutions developed as part of SOM's Timber Tower Research Project. This presentation will review the design, mass-timber engineering, sustainable impact, and next steps of the TMBR Minneapolis Condo project.

The project is located in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis, just blocks from the notable T3 mass-timber building. The project is 11-stories, 130ft tall and has approximately 170,000sf of area. The project has been tentatively approved by the City of Minneapolis and will be permitted as a Type IV-B construction; partially exposed timber frame. The project will set a new precedent for timber construction by satisfying stringent acoustic, deflection, and vibration requirements for condominium projects. These criteria will be met with timber-concrete composite framing systems developed by SOM. The project will also use a cross-laminated timber core, the tallest such building to do so in North America. The resiliency of the project will be demonstrated by evaluating the proposed systems for buildings located in high-seismic, hurricane, and flood prone regions.

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