A New Smart Tool Species

Marty Doscher
Vice President AEC Marketplace
Dassault Systèmes, Boston

Four-hundred and sixty-eight years after its birth, as we understand it today, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is reawakened. A significant number of players have begun staring out into their industry, and those beyond its borders, to realize they are part of something grander, something with more to offer. Our attentive gazers don’t agree on all things, but they tend to concur that the built environment is awe-inspiring and capable of contributing more to harmonizing product, nature, and life. These nascent cohorts of industry-gazers are not the first to receive this epiphany. But over the last few decades, with the infusion of smart digital tools, it is clear that enough is known such that AEC has the potential to wake up more completely and experience an industry renaissance.

This presentation explores the concept that rebirth requires a cognitive renaissance brought forth by a new species of smart digital tools that learn well in new ways and employ new ways to know more than can be told. A species that designs not only its software but also its objects. A species whose software and objects are not limited by their respective intelligence and size at release, which is important, as higher intelligence demands both an abundance of objects and an abundance of software. Let’s call this new species of smart digital tools Aetherius Aedificium Intelligentia (Latin for Virtual Building Intelligence). Intelligentia, as a species, has the distinct capability to facilitate processes that can retain the built environments complexity and replicate the information specifying how it was delivered.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation