Lagos Wooden Tower: Shaping Future Smart Cities with Memory, Resilience and Cultural Identity

Hermann Kamte
Chairman, CEO, Founder, Creative Director
HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates, Yaound

Wood is a wonderful material, freely offered by nature. It has a great role to play in the shaping of a better world, of sustainable cities, affordable housing and quality of life. In the world, with fast-growing problems such as fastest urbanization and climate change, cities are under pressure and facing challenges around energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling. Today, the housing crisis and the lack of public facilities has reached a crisis stage. The number of poorly housed, homeless or people without any access to public services is quickly rising as a consequence of uncontrolled urbanization.

Each city has a story to tell. This presentation details the process of building sustainable cities from the perspective of Lagos, Nigeria. The goal is to propose an alternative vision of the future for the fastest-growing cities across the world, integrating both cultural influence and sustainable materials. The resilience of memory and a contemporary sustainable solution are presented in the Lagos Wooden Tower. The message of this project is a specific response to a local context. The design is a proposal which responds to several challenges into the African architecture community. Lagos is the fastest- growing city in Africa, but it also has the potential to develop a wooden architecture vernacular. The proposed research is to focus on a wooden residential tall building to solve the urgent needs of housing. The aim is to make a transformation that matters. Wood is marketable, serviceable, biodegradable, affordable, sustainable and ecological. The studied technology is an entire wooden skeleton, with the Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) system for load-bearing and non-load bearing structures.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation