Urban Evolution in Curtain Wall Design

Werner Jager
Director – Technical Marketing
Technal Middle East,

“Cities of the Future” will host more and more multi-purpose buildings, combining living and working functions, entertainment and relaxation, connecting people rather than providing privacy. People will increasingly inhabit such buildings in order to reduce the need for transportation. The different use areas of such buildings will require a high modularity of the building skin in order to adapt to the specific needs of the different occupiers – providing comfort and security, flexibility, ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance, as well as repair and exchange.

When the “Cities of the Future” become “Vertical Cities,” the building envelope will have to answer specific challenges of compressed urban spaces, as more and more people crowd into each square kilometer. Exterior challenges, which, due to climate change are becoming even more severe, will have to be faced by designers in order to present usable solutions for the building skin and the shape of the building itself. The building skin will have an even higher importance in the future, as today the skin is “only” reducing the impact of the exterior climate towards the interior climate conditions, by acting mainly as a separation layer. In the future, the building skin can, in addition, minimize the environmental impacts of the urban ambient areas, by way of active and passive design measures and products. The building envelope of tomorrow will become a “Connecting Layer” – a connection between the interior and the exterior - whenever possible.

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