High-Rise Building Technical and Construction Management

Chengwei Bian
Project Director
China State Construction Overseas Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai

A high-rise building, in addition to being a landmark of the city, is the best way to demonstrate the general contractor's capacity and skills. Through proper choices of machinery and methods, we can construct high-rise buildings faster and safer. The Exchange 106 Tower is located in the center city hub of Kuala Lumpur, including a 452-meter tower and three podiums, with a total floor area of 400,000 square meters. The tower has seven floors underground and 83 floors above ground. The tower construction started in April 2016. The sub-structure was completed in July 2017, and the topping-out occurred by the end of 2017. The total structure construction duration was 17 months. When MEP, façade and interior finishing work are added in, the duration will be 31 months. The average construction time is three days per typical floor, among the world’s fastest.

This presentation discusses the key technical and management issues related to achieving this speed record, by presenting the construction details of The Exchange 106 tower. Topics to be addressed include: Raft foundation mass concrete casting, concrete mix design, cast preparation and procedures, temperature control and curing. Additional subjects include high-strength concrete mix design for high-pressure pumps; high-rise building machinery arrangements, including choosing how to deploy a tower crane; how to operate and elevate a high-pressure pump line; site logistic control and vertical transportation; core wall and outer frame construction sequencing; and accounting for overlaps between MEP, façade and interior works.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation