Live in the Clouds

Lan Wang
Architectural Design Director
Shanghai Tower Construction & Development, Shanghai

Tall buildings maximize the efficiency of land use, but isolate people from nature. Architects have increasingly tried to find ways to solve this problem in recent decades. One approach has been to design public spaces into the fabric of tall buildings. The design and preservation of public spaces require the owner to balance economic and social benefits.

This presentation focuses on several kinds of public spaces in the megatall Shanghai Tower. The building forms a vertical community, providing office space, a hotel, restaurants, shops, an observation deck, conference center, and exhibition space. Public spaces are very important to a traditional city, and they are important to the vertical city as well. Within Shanghai Tower, people can work, rest, play and relax in a series of sky gardens, looking up through 12 to 14 stories of open volume, within the building’s sophisticated double-skin façade. The public spaces also satisfy users’ demand for culture, bringing happiness and comfort through different artistic forms. The 552-meter-high observation deck offers visitors a panorama of Shanghai’s stunning skyline and a bird’s eye view of its countless buildings and landmarks. Shanghai Tower sacrificed valuable leasable space to realize this social amenity. In recognition of this, it was named “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2016. Shanghai Tower hopes to create more social value and exercise more cultural exchanges with other parts of the world through win-win cooperation among international organizations.

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