Revolutionizing Construction – Smart Elevators and Mobile Robotics

Karl-Heinz Bauer
Schindler, Lucerne

How do elevator companies shape the construction process of smart tall buildings? The construction process of a building is strongly linked with the installation process of elevators. This presentation focuses on how technological trends, such as building information modeling and mobile robotics, will change the construction of smart, tall buildings.

Installing an elevator today is labor-intensive, dangerous, and repetitive, requiring the highest level of accuracy and skill. A revolutionary robotic elevator installation system is now possible, which can assist elevator fitters to automatically drill anchor bolts, with increased accuracy and quality. This premier robotic system has been successfully demonstrated at customer installations. It will be further developed with selected key customers around the world on different jobsites to set a new benchmark in elevator installation. The entire robotic process is electronically documented to assure the highest quality when handed over to customers. Having finished the robotic job at the construction site, the fitters can move into the shaft, mount the rails at the precisely prepared positions, and complete the elevator installation. In a time when qualified fitters are becoming difficult to find, the robotic system relieves fitters from the difficult drilling process, which involves lots of dust and vibration, and allows them to focus on more important aspects of elevator installation.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation