Skybridges Powered by MULTI: A Whole New Level of Human Transportation

Michael Cesarz
thyssenkrupp, Dusseldorf

The world’s only ropeless and sideways-moving transportation system creates unprecedented new design possibilities and building efficiencies for the cities of tomorrow. The world premiere of this groundbreaking transportation system took place at the Test tower in Rottweil, Germany. As cities grow taller, planners and architects face the challenge of transporting an increasing amount of people as comfortably, quickly and safely as possible. Aiming to transform the building industry, skybridges fuel interconnection between tall buildings. No longer is transportation between high-rise buildings limited to the ground floor. Skybridges powered by new ropeless elevators can move people on a whole new level, creating truly smart buildings and cities.

Evacuating a building will also be fundamentally improved: instead of transporting individuals to the ground floor, skybridges will enable faster and additional escape routes via neighboring buildings.

Skybridges therefore connect different environments, such as business and housing, enhance the mobility and quality of people’s lives in urban areas and support longed for architects’ dreams. Join this session and get to know how these innovative skybridges can elevate your next project and turn cities into the best places to live, This presentation shares the latest insights on the potential of skybridges powered by ropeless elevators.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation