Command Centers – Reshaping Property Management and the Future of Work

Matthew Clifford
Head of Energy and Sustainability Services, Asia Pacific
JLL, Sydney

The property landscape is facing a revolution due to technology: augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are dramatically reshaping the industry.

Property management, which relies heavily on people to deliver a wide array of tasks, is particularly susceptible to change. Command Center models – whereby buildings are centrally and remotely monitored and controlled with an increasing reliance on machine-to-machine interactions – are requiring a fundamental re-imagining of the property management function, including the role of human vs. technology-centric activities. This “Future of Work” is evolving rapidly, with varying predictions on the outcome, but one thing is clear – the expectations of what technology can deliver have never been greater.

As human-centric practices give way to a technology-centric future, how should the industry respond? How do we maximize the benefits that technology can deliver, while avoiding technology ‘dead-ends’, and operational risks? What becomes of the people whose jobs have been disrupted or displaced by machines? Can these roles evolve to respond to another major trend – the importance of human experience?

This presentation addresses these issues via practical real-world examples of Command Center models for property management. Learn how technology ‘stacks’ are deployed in real buildings, how human-centric tasks must evolve in this new digital future, and what this means for the future of work. As some activities are partially or fully automated, this frees up considerable time for people to focus on experiential activities such as place making, community engagement, and health and wellness initiatives.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation