Smart Buildings as a Service – Creating Adaptable Building Platforms

Shonn Mills
Global Director High Rise
Ramboll Group, Copenhagen

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies are changing the way people work and live at an incredible rate. Buildings are designed and developed today that are meant to have a 50-to-100-year design life. With the accelerating change effect of technology, it is imperative that the industry meet the challenge to create tall building solutions that will stay viable and relevant over the life of the asset. Technology is also disrupting the traditional design-and-build delivery approach for the construction industry. New buildings will incorporate thousands of smart sensors that feed data to the integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) to allow the building to adapt and optimize for improved energy efficiency, safety and security. As building systems become more complex, the focus and emphasis are shifting from the initial design and construction phase to the operations and ongoing demand for continual system refresh. This shift will further commodify certain sectors of the industry, while creating the potential for exciting new business models.

This presentation explores the concept of tall buildings as an infrastructure platform, and how the industry can respond to the challenge and opportunity of smart technology to create adaptive systems that can evolve to the changing needs of the users. It also examines how the new demand for flexible solutions is creating new business models such as Smart Buildings as a Service (SBaaS), changing the traditional definition of ownership and life cycles.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation