Key Components of a Façade Access Strategy

Peter Inglis
Access Advisors Ltd., Hong Kong

This presentation explores how a building maintains its value through a successful façade access strategy, underscoring why it is an essential part of the building design process.Two key questions are discussed, including what equipment façade access strategies typically require, and the ramifications of not having a robust, economical and project specific strategy in place.

A façade access strategy enables access to the entire exterior, ensuring that the façade can be cleaned for aesthetic reasons, as well as to maintain warranties. It ensures that glass can be delivered for replacement, and that lighting and air conditioning units can be delivered, inspected and maintained. Increasingly, it is even called upon to ensure that trees can be replaced and vegetation maintained in green and living facades.

The presentation explores many variations of BMUs or Building Maintenance Units, and many types of alternative roof-based, ground-based, and façade-based equipment and techniques. Façade access equipment is provided by the BMU contractor, and is typically engaged by the builder. Early in the process, the façade access consultant must be engaged by the architect or developer to provide a successful and cost-effective strategy.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation