Maximizing Tall Building Success Through Best Practice Management

Mike George
International Director, Head of Premium Asset Group - Office, Asia Pacific
JLL, Sydney

The role of management of tall buildings throughout their life cycle is seldom given the attention and importance that it deserves. As a consequence, the development objectives and investment potential of tall buildings can be diminished, and their full potential for all key stakeholders – the owner/investor, the occupants and the local community is left unfulfilled. The engagement of experienced property managers from design to delivery and occupation, throughout a tall building’s operational life maximizes its potential and success, and can prolong the effective functional life of the building and its benefits to its community.

In a world where every traditional business and market sector faces the risk of technology-driven disruption and potential obsolescence, the role of the tall building and its traditional uses are under great scrutiny. Those best placed to assess the risks and opportunities, to drive change and constantly re-imagine and re-position tall buildings, are property managers.

This presentation provides insight to proven strategies and best practice principles which should be adopted to deliver successful outcomes for all property stakeholders. Insight will also be provided to systems and technologies which should be integrated into the tall building, and actively utilized by the property manager, to capture essential data. The presentation also covers data analysis methodology and its application to maximize the performance of tall buildings and the satisfaction of its occupants. The presentation also outlines strategies to maximize the resilience of tall buildings and minimize obsolescence risks, while providing an insight into the evolution of property management structures and principles that will result from the increasing application of property-focused technology.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation