Dynamic Masterplanning for Vertical Cities

Robert Godbold
Ramboll Group, London

Dynamic Master Planning represents a uniquely multidisciplinary approach to early stage design of high-density urban environments. The Dynamic Master Planning toolkit is a generative system for the investigation of different building morphologies for any given typology. Based only on minimal site data, the toolkit can generate a huge variety of different massing options and evaluate each against many different criteria. Thus, the potential of that site to support development and leverage maximum quantitative and qualitative value can be comprehensively appraised.

Crucial early decisions on overall site layout can be made with the benefit of hard data, allowing meaningful engineering input at a much earlier stage of the design process than would traditionally be possible and has helped to open up new market and client opportunities. Constraints such as sight lines, maximum heights of buildings, rights of light, minimum area etc. can all be inputted into the tool to generate solutions. The solutions can be user assessed and input parameters iteratively reset.

As part of the development of the tool, new technologies have been researched, which themselves open up new opportunities and potential applications across a variety of fields. The base platform of Grasshopper/Rhino enables the user to readily auto-generate multiple solutions of building forms across large sites. The toolkit features functionality to automatically download publicly-available data about the site surroundings to situate the massings within the correct context. The analysis and interrogation of the resulting masses is instantly accessible, giving access to unprecedented decision-making power. Dynamic Master Planning represents a new technical approach to the problem of building massing.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation