Fountain Views: “Statics in a Dynamic Market!” – The Structural Engineer’s View

Murali Guruvappan
Associate Director
WME Consultants, Dubai

Fountain Views development is an integral part of Downtown Dubai, forming a gateway between commercial and residential zones in the overall development. This project emphasizes “The future of vertical urbanism” blending a larger residential community to a premium retail experience through a 3-storey retail bridge link connection to the existing Dubai Mall. Consisting of three 70-story tall residential towers with the height of 280m, one supertall 77-story hotel tower with the height of 330m, that are interconnected by a 420m long podium structure, accommodating parking, retail, amenities and mechanical spaces.

This presentation navigates the journey of the Structural Engineer and the humbling design challenges accomplished: (1) Implementing early procurement strategy and phased construction, (2) Respecting constraints of early to market sales, accommodating new local authority requirements on seismic and wind load provisions, (3) Lateral stability transfer to maximise parking and enhance retail experience, (4) Implementing innovative structural solutions to increase the residential spaces to track fluctuating market demands, (5) Adaptable structural solutions to maintain site progress with an evolving design brief,
(6) Bespoke engineering solutions to address the growing retail demands during construction phase, and (7) Driving entire design team to fast-track structural deliverables to site.

The structural solution embraces the entire design intent without compromise, delivering a product that maintains optimisation of construction material consumption, program and cost. The statics of structural engineers must adapt to the ever-changing future!.