Smart Structural Design Solutions for Iconic Buildings in Dubai and Polycentric Cities

Mohamad Fikre Haj Husein
Structural Engineer
WSP, Dubai

Polycentric cities are built around iconic projects that are fully integrated into the urban landscape. In recent years, the scale and complexity of these buildings has grown enormously, thus the need for innovative structural design solutions is crucial. The efficiency of the structural design process can be greatly improved by utilizing smart tools related to three main areas of modelling, design and coordination.

Using smart tools, truly global design teams can communicate effectively, and design processes can be increasingly automated. Not only do these smart tools increase the accuracy of final designs, but they also allow design revisions to be implemented more quickly. This presentation showcases the Royal Atlantis in Dubai and other complex WSP projects where smart tools were utilized that enhanced coordination between design teams. The use of centralized multidisciplinary BIM model files, smart in-house analysis and design software has helped improve the efficiency of delivering these projects.

Ensuring proper coordination of design throughout the stages of a complex project can be challenging. However, this can be tackled using BIM Track and Virtual Reality. This presentation describes how the implementation of these smart tools has increased design efficiency, improved coordination and resulted in more cost-effective designs for some of the most recognizable projects in polycentric cities such as Dubai.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation