New Dimensions for High-Density Urban Mixed-Use

Ping Jiang
Founding Principal
EID Architecture, Shanghai

This presentation outlines recent explorations and approaches in designing tall buildings, featuring a few case studies on high density urban mixed-use projects such as OCT Xi’an International Cultural Center (OXICC) and Shimao Riverfront Twin Towers in Hangzhou. Both projects are currently under construction. In the case of OXICC, its design is intended as an exploration of vertical urbanism and offers a new solution for high density urban mixed-use in Asia. With its vibrant and unique mix of programs combining retail, office, residential, museum, theater, hotel and entertainment venues, OXICC creates an urban oasis both sensitive and culturally significant to the place.

Shimao Riverfront Twin Towers addresses the challenges that confront both developers and architects in the China market today-the overbuilt commercial space and shifting nature of the marketplace, by providing maximum flexible framework to accommodate the program changes.

It also features a recent competition entry by EID Architecture, the Shimao Fuzhou 518 project. The design of Shimao Fuzhou Tower is intended as an exploration of sensible approaches to supertall building design today. In contrast to many form driven twisting towers, Shimao Fuzhou Tower aims to balance the architectural concept with structure optimization, whilst creating an iconic and futuristic landmark with remarkable economy and efficiency. Collaborating with structural engineers from Arup, an innovative structure solution was achieved through outrigger trusses, coupled with columns of mega-structure system. Working with the twisting envelope, this optimized structural system is engineered to remove the diagonal frames typically associated with the mega-structure. It provides maximum structural efficiency and minimizes interference to the views by the diagonals.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation