The Luxury of Time

Steve Woodland
Principal Director
Cox Architecture, Perth

The combination of transport networks and technology creates multiple options for diverse modes of living and working. Cutting-edge technology is central to the development of the polycentric city, and to the creation of multiple vibrant urban centers. It has the potential for streamlining day-to-day life within habitats, it disencumbers, and it provides opportunities to engage more fully with the external, rather than the internal. Technology can be used as a platform for simplicity, creating a backdrop to the ultimate luxury – time. The goal is to promote human-to-human experience through an empathetic approach to design that starts with the individual and looks at the contribution to the community. In this way, each apartment contributes to the rich life of the community in which it is located.

Recent tall buildings have used “time” as a driver for the design, creating a building environment that is led by technology, to explore simplicity through choice and the liberation of time. The presentation will discuss ways that apartment design can use technology to create products that are economical, repeatable and yet as individual as a fingerprint. The global hallmark of skyscrapers was traditionally embedded in sculptural iconography. Within the new polycentric city, tall buildings compliment their environment socially and ecologically, through contributions to community and well-being. This presentation highlights recent tall building projects and propositions that explore the ways technology can lead a human-centric design approach. In addition, the presentation discusses important transport infrastructure projects that create hubs and enable the development of the polycentric city.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation