The Evolution of Modular Construction

Richard Lee
Senior Pre-Construction Engineer
Multiplex, London

Modular construction is a constantly evolving building solution that presents significant benefits to our industry.

This presentation will address the key design, delivery and construction aspects of modular construction and outline the main challenges facing the industry. We will explore how modular construction has evolved across sectors and look at how modularisation and prefabrication are making construction faster and more efficient, while reducing waste and impacts to the urban realm and delivering high-quality results.

Modularised building solutions require a different design approach to traditional building methods and we will examine where the key challenges are and how to address them. We will also discuss how advanced manufacturing and the adoption of technology such as BIM (building information modelling) are creating an environment where modular construction is increasingly viable.

We will review case studies outlining some of the different formats of modularisation – from prefabricated concrete to flat-pack and volumetric modular solutions – and look at how they can be used in different construction scenarios. We will also review the current markets across the globe to look at where modular building is being implemented and identify areas where there is big potential for growth in the future.

Our conclusions will outline the key challenges for this growing industry and where large-scale-applications can be made. We will see how modularised solutions will quickly become the go-to approach for the construction of certain building types in dense urban environments because of the distinct advantages they offer.