Delegates will have the opportunity to experience the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi on Days 5 and 6 of the conference, where they will engage in a rich 1.5-day program that explores the city’s premier developments, infrastructure hubs, and cultural sites. This regional city program (with transportation and accommodation paid by the delegate) will incorporate three half-day segments that focus on unique themes, each progressing from a presentation format to expansive tours, site visits, and technical demonstrations. The programs will be led by CTBUH experts and will take place at prominent venues in Abu Dhabi.

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and the country’s second-most populous city, Abu Dhabi has emerged as a major urban focal point in the Middle East, rising prominently on a collection of islands and along the mainland near the Persian Gulf. What was once a comparatively small town in the early 1960s has rapidly expanded – both horizontally and vertically – into a modern, advanced metropolis known for its commercial, cultural, and industrial operations. A wholly distinct entity, it is in many ways the counter-node to Dubai in the Emirates, in the same sense that each of these cities is itself composed of multiple “polycenters.”

The polycentric growth has been accompanied by a concerted effort to forge a local identity. The city’s recent skyscrapers reflect the marriage of Arab architectural traditions and local imperatives of sustainability with international preferences. Projects such as Al Bahar Towers and ADNOC Headquarters feature innovative active and passive solar mitigation strategies, and employ numerous green technologies. Meanwhile, entire urban districts are being established that present new models for urban development in the Middle East. Masdar City, for example, has become a real-time testing ground for net-zero technology at the neighborhood scale and the incorporation of autonomous vehicles for personal transit.

With a youthful population and committed policies toward technological advancement and diversification away from fossil-fuel revenue, Abu Dhabi is experiencing a quantum leap into the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the dynamism of this capital city firsthand.

Projects Likely to be Featured:

ADNOC Headquarters

Al Bahar Towers

Al Maryah Tower

Capital Gate Tower

Etihad Towers

Fairmont Hotel & Serviced Apartments

Masdar City

Sowwah Square

The Gate Shams Abu Dhabi

World Trade Center Abu Dhabi